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Secure master account and every vault with additional 2FA

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I would really love to see 2FA being enabled for the master account/authentication. In my opinion the weakest link is at the vaults and at the master password being not further protected by two/multi factor auth.

Please add this feature


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This is definitely a big thing for me. I really want to see more security options when it comes to the Enpass account.

For instance 1Password to login requires both the master password and a secret key (which is randomly generated and I believe can be regenerated if need be). I’d like to see something like this with Enpass.

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In my opinion, this is a rather important feature to have, since Enpass is now recommending users to store TOTPs in the vault alongside the passwords.

Without 2FA for vault access, unauthorized parties will gain access to account credentials and TOTPs at the same time if the master password is compromised, which defeats the purpose of TOTP-based two factor authentication.

Having two factor authentication for vault access ensures that 2FA set up for other sites is still "two factor".

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