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EnPass infected by a virus on windows10 ?


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Hi All,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

It is a heuristics based detection by the Antivirus and most certainly a false positive. This executable is used to launch Enpass on system startup. It is perfectly safe to use. We have submitted a ticket to the concerned team in Norton and other Antivirus. Once they correct it from their end, you won't see this message anymore. 


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I had the same problem. (I have also posted this in the linked message above)

This happens only with the enpass-App installed from the Windows Store, not with the setup-File from your homepage (Enpass-setup.exe)

My Norton has moved the exe-file to quarantine; I tried to restore the file, but was unable to save it at original place. "Access denied"
I have used an usb-boot-stick with Linux to copy the file to it's path. It worked.

But after re-booting into windows - error message pops-up with same exe-File "Wrong parameter"

At least I have uninstalled that windows-app from the store; installed the normal setup-file and all is working fine now
But I had to completely re-configure the program with my data.

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