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AutoLock forcing me to enter master pw EVERYDAY

Gwen Prill

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I dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux

I currently have the autolock set to Lock when Enpass is idle for 59 hours (max)

But whenever I boot into the secondary Operating System (whether going from windows to linux or from linux to Windows) It tells me to enter my master password

This is a tremendous inconvenience because my master password is over 30 characters long and full of complex symbols and stuff


What can I do to fix this?  Technically I do not go over 59 hours without booting into either Windows or Ubuntu Linux because I generally use Ubuntu as my main operating system and only boot into Windows 10 M-F from 8am to 5pm for work.  

I am starting to become frustrated with Enpass.  I have read alot of threads on this forum.  People have been complaining about the MANDATORY auto-lock restriction of 59 hours MANDATORY for over 6 months.  And Enpass devs promised to address the issue.  But nothing has changed.  

THis is ridiculous, I think the devs could fix it in less than 30 minutes of coding.  After all the autolock is a restriction that has been ADDED to the software so do not lead us to believe that there will be any heavy lifting in order to remove it.

If i had known about that problem as well as the annoyance that Enpass cannot autofill identity forms like First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip and so forth (which 98% of other password managers can do effortlessly) If I had known these drawbacks I would not have spent the $10 on the Android app. 

Please let the CUSTOMER decide how long they want auto-lock or even if the customer wants ZERO AUTOLOCK than that is our choice.  Enpass devs are trying to shove it down our throats.  That is not good business practice.  I dont need auto-lock on my home desktop PC 

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