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Unclear information about Pro vs Premium plans

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Allow me to first express gratitude for building a GREAT product. I really love Enpass! I especially love that you keep privacy serious, and allow me to be in full control of my data: I can use my own webdav server, and the haveIbeenpwnd database is checked locally, not remotely. So none of my passwords 

Unfortunately, also allow me to express my utter and outmost frustration with your pricing policy. Not because it's expensive (I actually think the previous Pro lifetime plan was too cheap, and made me worry that you could sustain your business long-term), but because it is as confusing as things can get.

I'm using Enpass mostly on macOS, rarely on my iPhone, but got a message twice about an upgrade discount. Since I was doing another task at the time, I dismissed it at the time. When I had the time, I visited the Enpass app again, saw in my account settings that I am indeed a lifetime Pro account, but there was no option or information in that window to upgrade. I did check the Enpass.io website to be sure, and found out about the Premium licensing. However, there was no mentioned on Pro license, so I assumed that Pro lifetime and Premium lifetime license are the same things, and went on with my life.

That is a missed sale.

Today I got another such message, and finally found out that there is a difference between Pro and Premium: Premium adds in notifications of website Breaches and 2FA that are not enabled. Also, it seems that those features are only available for the iPhone (and I assume Android) app, but not on the macOS application. At least, I can't find it there.

Though I don't use these features, I would love to have buy a Premium lifetime subscription at discount, since I don't mind supporting the Enpass team.

However, I just checked, and there is no ability to upgrade to Premium lifetime from the MacOS Enpass application (at least I can't find it).

There also doesn't seem to be a way to upgrade to Premium lifetime from the Website with a discount. There is a mention of this on https://www.enpass.io/pricing/#collapseFour, but that only seems to apply if you bought Enpass through the website, since it refers to a purchase email. Unfortunately, I have bought it through the Mac App Store at the time (I suspect because it was not possible to buy through the website at the time -this was before Enpass used subscription accounts-, since I ALWAYS prefer buying directly rather than the Mac App Store).

I also tried to purchase the Premium lifetime through the iPhone app, and found out that I could by clicking on these features, but that only gives me the option to purchase a one-year subscription at a discount, not a lifetime premium.

I really like Enpass, I really do, and I also don't mind paying once more for Enpass. However, I don't see how to get a lifetime premium with upgrade discount. *sigh*.

I just emailed Enpass support. Sorry, I sent two mails, because it really took me a while to understand the options (again, it is only till today that I understand there is a difference between Pro and Premium!). Maybe they can help. Maybe they even use a bit of the money to improve their communications. The great Enpass software deserves that :).

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Hi Garima, thanks for listening to my rant, and taking the time to reply to it. I really appreciate that.

The support was kind enough to provide a discount code to upgrade Pro to Premium, and I immediately bought the lifetime premium deal. I'm looking forward to continue to use Enpass.

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