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Export with attached files.

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Hey @DesignT

Thanks for writing in.

You can export all the Enpass data including attachments in the .json format on any laptop/desktop using the below steps-

  • Open Enpass > Click on File from the Enpass Menu > Tap on Export > Select the format .json and location > Continue.

Note- Exporting in .csv or .txt format won't export the attachment files.

Hope this helps!

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Posted (edited)

Thanks @Garima Singh 

How can we recover the attachments from the JSON file, is there any to to "Extract" the attachments images and other files ?


UPDATE: Well I think JSON files just use a data URI scheme so a URL for the source of the image.

I just need to extract/backup all the attachments.

How can I do that ?


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Hey @DesignT


If you want all your attachments separately rather than exported json. Please follow these steps.

1. Go to Attachments in Others section in sidebar. It will show all items with attachments.

2. Select the required items. Right click and choose Export Attachments option.



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Hey @DesignT

Thanks for writing back.

We tested this issue by exporting multiple attachments and it is working as intended. We will recommend you to create a separate folder on your device and use the location of this newly created folder while exporting attachments from Enpass.

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