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Hey @Mahmoud Abolfadl

Welcome to the forum!

22 hours ago, Mahmoud Abolfadl said:

App dose not save new accounts when i sign in from android chrome browser

Currently, Enpass auto-save feature only works on apps (using Android Framework services API) and not on the browsers. We will definitely improve the behaviour once Android supports this functionality. 

22 hours ago, Mahmoud Abolfadl said:

many apps have no or wrong autofill like Ana vodafone and egyptian national railways and credit card filling has a problem in expiry date 

To test this issues, we would require below details-

  1. On which Android OS are you having this issue?
  2. Which Enpass version you using?
  3. What all autofill options you have enabled in the Enpass Auto-fill settings?


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Hey @Mahmoud Abolfadl

Thanks for sharing the details.

We tested the issue on 3 websites that you mentioned-

  • While testing, the autofill issue with Egyptian national railways has been reproduced and aligned for a fix.
  • Could you please confirm if autofilling credit-card is failing only on the website of Egyptian National Railways? Unfortunately, we don't have valid login details to log-in and test the autofill behaviour for credit-card.
  • Are you getting this autofill issue with Ana Vodafone app or website?

Thanks for the co-operation.

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