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A question about TPM


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So whenever I start enpass after restarting the computer, I have to re-enter the master password. When it crashes, I have do the same thing. Enpass stores items in TPM, but it has to be TPM 2.0. I imagine it doesn't matter if it's firmware TPM or hardware TPM, as long as shows up as TPM 2.0 in tpm.msc?

I have TPM 2.0 on my computer, but it still does not store the master password in the TPM. In other post, it said it was because a certain API must run for enpass to work. Is there a powershell script to test this out?


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I have to complain that while I generally like enpass, the issue with TPM is the most annoying. I have two different computers with TPM 2.0. One is using real tpm 2.0, the other is using Intel PTT. In both cases, enpass did not save the master password, so when I restart the machine, I have to enter the super long master password. I have to reenter the password when the client crashes, which is more often than I like.

Your competitor Bitwarden do not have this issue. I am able to start the bitwarden desktop client by using windows hello. Does enpass ever plan to fix the issue? If it's a hardware issue, your competitor does not appear to have an issue getting around it.


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