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Enpass continues to save login details to the WRONG site


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This bug still exists. Enpass saves the details to the WRONG site record, completely obliterating the actual password that already existed for that completely different and unrelated site.

Since I have no way of knowing whether a site's password is going to get lost until I try to access it, possibly months later when I no longer have the password in my head, I have now taken to writing down every single password in a text file, COMPLETELY OBVIATING THE POINT OF A PASSWORD MANAGER.

How does Enpass continue to get something so completely fundamental wrong?


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What server? There is no server involved, Enpass runs on my computer.

To this day, Enpass continues to save the new password to a completely random different entry if you allow it to "update" when you change your password on a site.

As a result I continue to maintain a text file duplicating all my passwords so I don't get screwed over when Enpass overwrites another crucial password.

Absolutely ridiculous.

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