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Autofill on OnePlus App Lock

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Hi there,

I have been facing a issue where the Android Autofill Service wants to auto fill the password field in the app locker. For the people who don't have a OnePlus: You can have a in-system app lock where you can protect apps that you don't want to be accessed easliy.

So when you open an app that has the app lock the Android Autofill service is displaying an autofill box. My problem is that you can't unlock the app with the fingerprint sensor. You have to pull the keyboard up then you can use your fingerprint.


Solution for the problem:

Put the package of the app (OnePlus App Lock) on the autofill service black list.



(For someone who is wondering if the autofill can be useful in this situation, it isn't. The password you have to type in is your password to unlock the phone. Logically you should remember this password.)

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On 8/17/2021 at 8:42 AM, Manish Chokwal said:

Hello @Passaved!

Welcome to the Enpass Forum.

I must appreciate your efforts to informing about this issue and providing a solution as well. I have shared this information with the concerned team to investigate it further.

There wasn't much afford. Thanks to this GitHub issue. Thank you for your forwarding.

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