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I have been fiddling about trying to make my USB flash drive with Enpass portable on it, act as a key..so far with no real success.. I am hoping that some other paranoid like myself may have an answer.

I would like to use the usb drive to open and enter my master password when it is plugged in..to truly make the application seamless, I don't want to have to copy and paste my master password.. If it is stored on the key,and the key is present in the system, that should be as good as entering the master.

There are a lot of steps that honestly I don't think need to be involved in using Enpass..I plug in the key, I don't think I then need to click the mini menu to authorize the connection?? why ask ?? I just plugged the key in.. surely that is enough to signal my intention to access the password data, why waste my time asking if it is OK?

Any ideas on how I can side step this process on Ubuntu




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Hello @DavidB,

Enpass is basically an offline password manager, which means it does not have any servers to save your data, all your data is saved locally on your device. Enpass extension uses the Enpass main app to fetch the required data so it has to be connected/paired with the main app. Once it is paired, you can use it seamlessly. However, I have shared your suggestion of 'Enpass portable should act as a key and not ask any further authentication' with the concerned team for further consideration. Your patience is highly appreciated here. 

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