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Waterfox Classic and Enpass Extension 6.7.0 on Windows 10

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Hello @Miraculix,

I certainly understand you concern about Enpass extension not working in the Waterfox browser. In order to assist you better, please help me with the following details:

  1. After clicking Enpass extension button, are you able to see Enpass assistant? 
  2. Make sure you are using an updated Enpass desktop app version (6.7.4). 
  3. Try to disable the option "Authorized browsers with verified signatures only" from Enpass Browser settings and check if it is working. 
  4. Try to remove the extension and add it again. For further details, visit user-manual and do let me know if that helps. 
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Sorry for my delay,
ad 1) No!!!! That's the main problem. In the meantime a had a workaround; using version 6.6.0 of the extension gave me back the desired functionality.
ad 2) Yes, my desktop app is at version 6.7.4.
ad 3) "Authorized browsers with verified signatures only" is disabled.
ad 4) Followed the steps in the manual.
I can see the extension in the toolbar. Clicking on it nothing happens. Reagardless, if Windows 10 or Windows 11.


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Hi @Miraculix,

Thank you for providing all the asked information. I would like to share that Enpass supports browsers with verified code signatures like Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Edge, etc. Still, would request you to perform the following steps and share the results:

  1. Open Enpass settings -> Browsers -> Review Browsers -> From the list of paired extensions, remove Waterfox's extension -> Open Waterfox browser -> Pair Enpass extension. 

Also, we have updated the extension to the 6.7.4 version that has a most demanded feature "Inline Autofill Menu". For more details, visit its user-manual. Let me know if that works fine for you. 

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Hi Manish,

I'm still using version 6.6.0. From the attached screenshot you can see, Waterfox classic is authorized.

Your downloading page still shows extension version 6.7.0 for Firefox, which of course I'll use, since Waterfox and Waterfox Classic are Firefox derivates.

Regardsless where the "Enpass icon" is shown, Toolbar or Add Ons, the reaction on mouse click is empty, if I use version 6.7.0 of the extension.

I would suggest, that you download the latest version of Waterfox Classic to get my problem regged.

Kind regards Peter


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