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Option to hide Inline Autofill Popup Menu on page load, but keep input icon

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I really enjoy the new Inline Autofill Popup Menu, but it can be a bit intrusive and I would almost prefer to not have it show on page load.
There is a setting to disable it, but then it also removes the input icon.

I would prefer to keep the input icon so if I click on it then it would show the Inline Autofill Popup menu.
So it would be great if there was a setting for "Hide Inline Autofill Popup on page load". This setting would only be available when "Show Inline Autofill Popup Menu" is enabled.

Also if you click on the input icon (which shows user intent) then the Inline Autofill Popup Menu should show above all other menus or context menus. Currently the browsers input autofill suggestions show above the Inline Autofill Popup Menu. This is not ideal as it makes it hard to see or select the Inline Autofill Popup Menu. Reference this issue: 



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Adding more context and Reference
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