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Need help connecting to mailbox.org via WebDav!


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I'm using mailbox.org as my e-mail provider and want to connect Enpass to my mailbox.org-Clouddrive via WebDav. There is a KB article creating a WebDav connection and a hint when working with Enpass.


When using Enpass this should work:

https://dav.mailbox.org/servlet/webdav.infostore/Userstore/Lastname, Firstname/ENPASS

But it doesn't. I get the error message that it's not possible to get a connection and I should check my username and password. But username and password are correct!

Anyone using Enpass together with mailbox.org and could help here?

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After further testing, I found the solution for me!

With this WebDAV link, I'm able to sync to mailbox.org in Enpass:

https://dav.mailbox.org/servlet/webdav.infostore/Userstore/Lastname Firstname/

I didn't have to put the folder "Enpass" at the end of the link. It was created automatically.


Maybe this helps others to sync vaults with mailbox.org via WebDAV. :)

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