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Blacklist doesn't save the complete website address

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I'm using Vivaldi browser with Enpass browser extension 6.7.4 on Windows 11. On some specific websites I don't want to use the autofill-popup and that's why I add them into the Blacklist of the browser extension. But the extension is not saving the complete website address.

Here is my example to show you the behavior.

I want to have the autofill-popup on this site:


But I don't want to get the autofill-popup here on this site:


When I try to add this site into the Blacklist of the extension, this specific website isn't blocked, as you can see on the screenshots. But the main website is blocked, but here I want to get the popup.



It doesn't matter if I add the site manually or with a click in the autofill-popup.

Could you please fix this? So that it's possible to add specific websites into the Blacklist?

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