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E-Mail address can not be copied from the dock


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I'm using the Website version 6.7.4 (933) of Enpass on Windows 11.

I created a new login on a website and added this entry into Enpass via Vivaldi browser extension 6.7.4. This time, the e-mail address and the password were automatically saved into the Enpass entry.


Often I'm using the Enpass dock from the Systray to copy username and password into an app or a website. But if an e-mail address is included in the Enpass entry, it is not possible to copy the e-mail address when right-clicking on the entry in the Enpass dock.


If I switch the e-mail address into a username in that entry, it is possible to copy the username and the password.

image.png.1367aa5d055d51fae2e9170423b5f848.png image.png.81467bccf3db7e571d4a22ee459bc5a8.png

Could you please add the possibility to be able to copy the e-mail address in the Enpass dock, too?

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