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Major design flaw with PW update in browser

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I tried to update the password on a webpage and got (after clicking the "new recommended password" button on the password field on the website), a pop-up saying update pw for entry (drop down list which entry to update).

Here  is the problem. If I say update, the pw gets updated, but I don't know yet, if the pw will work on the website (e.g. certain special symbols are not allowed).

If I click on the webpage to change, to see the result if it works, the change PW pop-up disappears with the new PW. If the change was successful, I lost the new PW...

In the PW sections of the Enpass application, the new PW is not listed. -> dead end.

If I click update on the pop-up and the PW change on the website is not successful, I lost my old PW...

As there is no PW history, I cannot restore the old password to relogin/reprovide the old password for the password change. -> dead end.


To mitigate this, either save at least the previous PW as some kind of history entry for the corresponding entry in the Enpass application.

Or save the new PW, when clicking on the "new recommended password" button directly as new PW in the Enpass application.


Otherwise the update PW function is useless.

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Hi @Gerhard

I completely understand your concern and let me quickly help you with this. When you get the prompt to save the password, you can save that password. In case that password is not accepted on the web page, you can re-enter another password, and Enpass will again prompt you to save/update.


Now, after you have updated the password of an item and you wish to view the password change history of that item, right-click on the field’s value from the details screen → Click on the History.


Moreover, depending on the web page, you can also customize the recommended password from the password generator screen. For reference, please see the attached screenshot -


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thank you for the detailed reply.


So there is a password history, but not directly intuitive to find. I tried the right click while editing the entry not on the normal view.

Yes, saving the new password is the option to choose. With this possibility, the topic is solved.


Thank you!

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