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Enpass on Mac still alllows UNICODE passwords and not fixed for 2 years


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I recognized that I can type foreign characters at the Master Password Field, such as Korean or Japanese characters.

In the password field, as far as I know, foreign characters are not allowed and these kind of keyboards should work as an english keyboard.

It is really cumbersome that I should change the language every time I need, at least I need an option. (reference) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1797777/should-i-support-unicode-in-passwords

I'm using the latest Release, 6.2.0, installed through the app-store. I think this is a new problem after version 6 according to the reviews there.

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I am using Enpass desktop clients on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS

I found that the Mac version has a issue that it allows Unicode when I type master password

This is so inconvinient because many Asian country uses Unicode for their keyboard input

Especially Korean, Japanese and Chinese characters are widely used as Unicode, So users in CJK suffer from this problem.


[Typical scenario]

1. Type master password in Unicode(maybe Korean or Japanese...)

2. Wrong

3. retry(guess that I mistook some characters)

4. Wrong again 

5. Find that input method is not English, Change the input method to English

6. Successfully unlock


This occurs more than 10 times every day.


The problem was troubleshooted 2 years ago, but it still not solved.


I think check and filter all Unicode and convert them to proper ASCII character is easy and basic when you develop master password unlock UI

I wish this problem to be solved soon 

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