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Multiple Vaults


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I would like to create multiple vaults - one for my personal stuff and the other one for office stuff. These should be synced with iCloud and this should support both Mac and iOS app.


At present, you can create two vaults but when you sync to iCloud, it merges data to both vaults thus defeating the very purpose of creating two vaults. 


Let me know if this feature exists now. If not, can we expect an update with this new and useful feature?

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You still can't use the same account for multiple vaults, only the same Provider (with different accounts). 

(with the exception of WEBDAV which let's you pick the path). 

Don't think they're intending to change this as they're describing "multiple vaults" as a segregation-possibility when sharing vault with someone, not segregating personal data.. 

Having that said, if you want to separate your personal data in separate vaults, doesn't make more sense anyway to use different cloud accounts? 

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