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Importing from Samsung Pass

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Asking on behalf of someone else wanting to migrate to Enpass;

Samsung Pass seem to hold it's users in a firm grasp without the possibility to export to CSV.

I could only see an option to export to a "datafile" resulting in a .SPASS-file (passprotected and encrypted).

Anyone knows if export/import is possible, somehow?

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4 hours ago, Manish Chokwal said:

Hi @Ivarson,

I am afraid to inform you that currently, Enpass does not have an option to import Samsung Pass data. In case you are willing to import your data in an excel file, please visit this FAQ

I'm aware, it was more a question to people (coming from Samsung Pass) if they've been able to export data at all from Samsung Pass, but it seems they don't provide any such method, which sucks. So Enpass isn't to blame. 


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