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Enpass does not display all passwords recorded

Joachim Henkel

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I am very concerned! Reason: Suddenly without warning Enpass does n o t display all my passwords recorded but only a fraction of it with the argument, that I have exceeded „the volume“ and that I have to pay for a premium version!! Such behavior is not serious! The minimum I would have expected is that all my recorded passwords remain to be shown with a side warning that no further records can be made! Now I feel to be forced into a paid version in order to get access to all my passwords! Can anybody comment?

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Hi @Joachim Henkel

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

I can certainly understand your disappointment in this case. I would like to share that Enpass app is free to use on Desktops without any restrictions. The Enpass app is also free to use on mobile devices, however, their are certain restrictions on the number of Items which can be added/viewed, the number of vaults which can be created, etc.

To remove these restrictions, the user will need to purchase the Premium license. The license can be bought from the AppStore/PlayStore or from our official website. Your kind understanding in this matter is appreciated.

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