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Wi-Fi sync between all devices


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I am looking for a password manager with a sync between different devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows) without cloud. One of the few solutions that can do this is Enpass.

Unfortunately only half of it. On my computer, for example, macOS and Windows are installed on the same machine. Therefore, only one of the systems is on at a time, so Enpass cannot synchronise them via Wifi. This is a pity. It would therefore be nice  if all versions, especially the iOS version, had the Wi-Fi server function.

Best regards

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Just had the idea to use "folder sharing" to share between macOS/Windows and use Wi-Fi-Sync to share with iPhone/iPad, but that is Enpass not allowing at the same time ... :-/

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Hi @hauke

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

You can only synchronize your vault through one method at a time, i.e., via a cloud server, WiFi sync or Folder sync. Regarding the mobile device acting as a Wifi-Sync server, I have duly noted your comments and shared them as feedback with the dedicated team so they may check the feasibility of the requested feature and implement it for the future Enpass version. Your patience in the meantime is appreciated.


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