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On 8/4/2022 at 8:56 PM, Manish Chokwal said:

Hi @upside down,

Enpass automatically detects the login forms and shows you the available options to Autofill the information. Make sure you are using the latest Enpass app and extension version. Also, for more details on autofill popup menu, visit here. For the browser extension settings, visit here



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54 minutes ago, Manish Chokwal said:

Hi @upside down,

I appreciate your response. In order to assist you better, please share the details. 

  1. Does this issue occurs on all the websites or on a specific one?
  2. Share the website link where autofill is not working.


Sorry, maybe I didn't express clearly, I'm talking about the desktop APP, not the web page, the web page is filled normally and very easy to use, I mean the app login pops up, the enpass will not be filled automatically, or even not work, it can only be used on the web page It runs on the above, I don’t know if the translation will make you understand. The elpass I know has this function.









I hope you will add it in the future. It will be really perfect. Another feature I want to add is to add never lockimage.png.5038c2c4d80edee4393d0b46d290c80c.png

which can give the user one more choice

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I'm a premium user and I was wondering if it is possible for Enpass to autofill Desktop mac apps?
I'm on Monterey and Enpass has never even asked me to let it fill any of the desktop app passwords.

If it's not possible at the moment is there at least a plan to support this in the future?

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