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I have just bought a new Mac Pro and have installed  Enpas. Filling in the password panel of a website, I inserted my usual password for that site a mixture of 9 case and numerals. it seems Enpas thinks these 9 digits too weak. So may I ask the following so we can all sing from the same hymn sheet?

1. Should I use the suggested P/W - impossible as it is for me to remember, or preferably can I use my existing p/w, regardless of the signified strength?

2. If I should use the suggested p/w, what is the status of the still present p/w. Do I have to manually insert all such newbies? there are quite a large number of existing sites. 

3. Is it advisable when the dust is settled to copy the contents of my local vault buried many levels down, ie if they are stored in open code and then print out same? 

Please forgive if these questions pedantic, but I had a easy experience earlier this year, now I guess I am rather cautious.

My thanks,



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