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Bad backup design for Windows store app


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While troubleshooting the issue I reported in this thread:

I discovered a very bad design problem with the backup function when using the Windows store version of the EnPass app. The default path for backups is the following location:


However, when you uninstall the app, the following folder gets deleted as part of the uninstall:


This pretty much deletes the backup folder with the uninstall! This is horrible design. An uninstall of the app should not delete your backups, especially if your intention is to just reinstall the app. Luckily, I had backed up my backup folder before uninstalling the app.

The default backup location should default to another location that doesn't get deleted during an uninstall, such as the user's Documents folder. The user's Documents folder would have the added benefit that it backs up to OneDrive, if enabled to do so.

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