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Enpass Assistant on Chrome/Windows 10 Doesn't Pull Likely Login if Recently Synced

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I'm using Chrome 106 on Windows 10 with Enpass Extension v. 6.8.0 and Enpass 6.8.4(1166). Passwords are synced to a WebDAV server.

When I first open a web page, especially if it has been more than a few minutes since Enpass was last used (e.g. a reboot of the computer, or even just inactivity for more than about 10 minutes), use the context menu entry to enter passwords in a given login, and then enter my master password, Enpass often loads with the correct website but then reloads the assistant with my most used passwords but irrelevant to the current website.

So, for example, after a sufficent delay or reboot:

  • Navigate to https://mail.yahoo.com (nowhere near one of my most common logins for Enpass)
  • Right click on the username field and select Enpass
  • Enter Master Password into Enpass Assistant to unlock Enpass
  • For a second, I will see my Yahoo Mail credentials, BUT...
  • Almost immediately afterwards, Enpass Assistant will reload and show all of my passwords sorted by decreasing frequency of use (currently Amazon, a filing website that I use for my work, a search website that I use for my work, my medical login information, and Lose It).

I am guessing that Enpass is performing a synchronization with the passwords stored on WebDAV, and once that synchronization is completed it reloads the Assistant. However, instead of reloading assistant to the same password originally chosen (in the example, Yahoo Mail) it's just reloading it to my database as a whole. It is as if once the Enpass Assistant reloads, it selects the "Home" button. You will replicate my experience by accessing a login page, right clicking, and then clicking the Home icon at the top left hand corner of the Enpass Assistant.

I think this started around 6.8 but I haven't been able to confirm.

I can take a video if it will help.

This is infuriating. Please fix by having reloads of the Enpass Assistant query the current website.

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I also observe this behavior. It is really annoying. I can say that it happens only after unlock. If Enpass has been already unlocked, the Assistant keeps the results filtered by URL. But if I lock it and then close it, and then reopen and unlock it, initially I see the item I need for the current website and immediately after that the results get refreshed and I see "Most recent items". I need to close and reopen the Assistant again in order to see the correct item listed.

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13 hours ago, Manish Chokwal said:

Hey @databoy2k & @Rado,

I appreciate you for being patient with us. Our team has tested it and found it working as expected. If possible, please share a short video of this issue so that we can investigate it better. Additionally, let me know if this issue occurs on other browsers as well and make sure the browser is up to date.

I've sent an e-mail to support@enpass.io with a video. The video shows some personal details that I would rather not share publicly, but can be shared within your team.

I just tried Microsoft Edge as well. The same thing happens. 

Both Edge and Chrome are up to date. The problem is in the Enpass Assistant.

As @Rado confirmed, it's when Enpass locks. So the steps to replicate, starting from a locked Enpass, are:

1) Go to any website and invoke the Enpass Assistant by right-clicking on a login field and clicking "Enpass"

2) Unlock Enpass via the Enpass Assistant

3) Make note of the credentials listed and the order of those credentials. Note that this is the same list of credentials that appears if you click the "Home" button of the Enpass Assistant. If you aren't experiencing the problem, click that "Home" button and make note of the credentials listed and their order.

4) Now, go into the main Enpass window and lock Enpass.

5) Go to a website that is NOT one of the credentials shown when you clicked the "Home" button, and invoke the Enpass Assistant by right-clicking on a login field and clicking "Enpass"

6) Unlock Enpass via the Enpass Assistant

7) The credentials list will show your correct website but then refresh the list as if you clicked "Home" and not the website that you just went to.

FWIW, I have to use the right-click to invoke Enpass. I've had nothing but headaches with the drop-down integration, so I've disabled that. But this is a bad bug that should be fixed as well.

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