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Help: LastPass used to export csv now it only exports html

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I've been using LastPass for years. I no longer like the web browser plugin interface. Before now, I had been able to export from LastPass to a .csv format. Now my export choice from LastPass is only in .html format. Perhaps Logmein, the new owners who have acquired LastPass want to prevent  any defectors. I want to try Enpass, but it will only accept a .csv export from LastPass.

From within Enpass I tried to import my LastPass .html export file using the Roboform .html import options (there are several Roboform .html import options), but that failed to import my LP .html file.

I then opened the .html file with Microsoft Excel and saved it as a .csv file. This .csv file also failed to import into Enpass.

In reading the Enpass user manual, I see that I can manually enter each website and corresponding password. :(  I have over 250 password saved websites. Please help with any advise on automating my import procedure, before I embark on manually importing 280 websites and nearly 100 lines of secure notes.


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