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  1. Go to this website: Download and Install GApps for Lineage OS GApps is both hardware and software dependent. You must select the right GApps for your phone's processor and for your phone's version of Android. Any changes you make to your own phone are your responsibility. Have a good idea as to what you are doing.....you may brick your phone.
  2. I'm confused about sync in WHERE database overwriting takes place, and if I can choose the overwriting direction. What if I want to overwrite my local device with what is on the cloud? What if I want to keep what is on my device and overwrite the cloud with new or changed infotmation? Example: I had a weak password on SOME*website*.com, so (on my Windows 10 PC) I logged into Enpass (I do not use a keyfile) using my master password, and generated a strong password for SOMEwebsite.com, then saved the new entry. I also logged onto SOME*website*.com and changed my password to the stronger one that Enpass generated. Then I synced to my cloud on Google Drive. Afterwards I logged onto my enpass account on an Android tablet using my master password. I synced to my Google Drive cloud, but the password entry of SOME*website*.com within Enpass on my Android tablet was unchanged from the previous weaker password. I tried this same kind of password modification on a different website, first using my Android tablet, then relogging onto Enpass on my Windows 10 PC, and syncing with similar results...the password did not change on the Windows PC. I'm confused. If every syncing operation from each separate device overwrites Enpass data on the cloud, then why is there not some kind of switch within Enpass to either 1. Sync to the cloud (overwriting the cloud) from the respective device when changes are made on the device. OR 2. Sync to the device (overwriting the device) from the cloud which was changed from a different device. My present understanding (especially because from my example), tells me that the cloud database seems to be always overwritten by each separate platform device running Enpass, the exception being the subsequent times when Enpass is first installed onto an additional device without any existing Enpass database entries (before setting up sync), and then syncing after setting up sync.
  3. Oh, another thank you wmc, your (endingly disgruntled) post was goodly detailed with plenty of glitches. That post took a timely account of your problems with Enpass version 6.*.*. Thanks to you, the next version will fix these bugs that you posted.
  4. My android device had some unexplainable glitch. I am going to edit my Google Play Store review for Enpass 6.0 to 5 stars again. Although I'm still cautiously keeping version 5.6.10 on my Win10 PC.
  5. Lastpass also failed to import into Enpass, because lastpass exported only .html format, not .csv like I could export back in 2017. It was time consuming (days) but it was worth moving them into Enpass one by one, so I could ditch Lastpass. Do this gradually in your spare time, while starting to get used to free Enpass, until you can ditch your proprietary subscription of your other password manager.
  6. I laboriously copied over 200 websites and passwords into enpass, and then ditched lastpass. Lastpass would not export .csv but only would export .html, which enpass would not import.
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