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  1. Oh, another thank you wmc, your (endingly disgruntled) post was goodly detailed with plenty of glitches. That post took a timely account of your problems with Enpass version 6.*.*. Thanks to you, the next version will fix these bugs that you posted.
  2. My android device had some unexplainable glitch. I am going to edit my Google Play Store review for Enpass 6.0 to 5 stars again. Although I'm still cautiously keeping version 5.6.10 on my Win10 PC.
  3. Lastpass also failed to import into Enpass, because lastpass exported only .html format, not .csv like I could export back in 2017. It was time consuming (days) but it was worth moving them into Enpass one by one, so I could ditch Lastpass. Do this gradually in your spare time, while starting to get used to free Enpass, until you can ditch your proprietary subscription of your other password manager.
  4. I laboriously copied over 200 websites and passwords into enpass, and then ditched lastpass. Lastpass would not export .csv but only would export .html, which enpass would not import.
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