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Enpass makes unwanted network connections


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I just switched over from 1password for a couple of reasons but after installing Enpass I noticed it makes network connections to Google analytics and sinew.in.
Big turn off immediately I must say.
in my opinion a password app (of all apps) must be super confidential and very privacy minded. I'm really not interested in an app that has Google spying on my habits and certainly not some some other (shady) network domain that I've never heard of. I hope you guys can clarify things. Cheers!

Edit: I just noticed that in the preferences the Google analytics can be turned off. Maybe this should be an opt in instead of an opt out by default. I've also noticed that sinew.in is a domain that apparently belongs to Enpass. However the reason it needs to contact internet is still unclear to me. Is it for update reasons? I'd assume updates go through the app store?

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @someBody

Welcome aboard!

As you already know, Enpass is an offline password manager and saves your data locally on your device and in any case we do not take any of your personal data. But yes, Enpass does connect to internet with the sole purpose to give best user experience. If you have seen a network activity for Enpass, it could be due to any of following reasons:

Cloud Syncing: If you have enabled sync with any of your own cloud accounts, Enpass connects to selected cloud account to check and perform sync operation.

Checking for update: Enpass connects to one of our domain (http://rest.sinew.in) having the information of latest releases with version numbers for all platforms or share any critical security news. It doesn't upload any information there except your version number and that too only to perform version comparison. In Windows PC version Win-sparkle ( the library used to download the update) also connects to dl.sinew.in to check update.

Google and Flurry Analytic: We use Google and Flurry Analytics SDK to constantly improve the App by checking the number of active users per platform. We do not log your master password, key or any of your Enpass data and this practice of using analytics is very safe and you don't need to worry about.

Why we do so? As Enpass is an offline password manager and this link is the only medium where we can share any essential information to the user. And most importantly, we respect your privacy to the most and in any case, we don't keep any of your personal information on our servers. So you don't need to worry at all.

You can also opt to disable them from Enpass advanced settings.

Also, in the future version, we'll be removing the Google Analytics.


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Thanks for the reply.
I'm just a very 'inquisitive' person when it comes down to stuff that tracks what I'm doing. That's one of the reasons why I left 1password: the fact that I have no clue what happens in the background (along with the horribe syncing).
So anyways, It's not that I don't trust you guys, but using Google analytics means another Google service tracking my behaviour. This is wrong in my opninion - although I understand your need to do some inquiries about behaviour. I turned it off nevertheless :-)
About the other network connection: I assumed it was for update purpouses but wanted to be sure.


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