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Deduplicate passwords after firefox import


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Hi everyone,

I've just run an import of all my Firefox passwords into enpass and now have 700+ items in my vault. This has made it rather hard to navigate and quite a bit slower. However a large number of the accounts are duplicates that could be combined or removed, for instance apparently I have 5 Reddit accounts (they don't firefox just makes new ones for different casings of the username). Is there a way to remove duplicates or at least highlight likely duplicates in the same way compromised passwords are?

Thanks in advance

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There are 2 source of duplication: pre-import, within the set of entries from this .csv file, and a duplication between a csv entry and an existing saved login.
For the purposes of the summary and report, I don't think it matters where the duplication occurs, though it might be useful to have debug logging in place to help troubleshoot future bugs.
What constitutes a duplicate?
Any entry with exact matching fields, where modifying the first login with the values of the second would result in no change is a duplicate. This is also true where we don't have the information necessary to resolve conflicting values - e.g. 2 different passwords on an otherwise matching login, with no timestamps to know which supercedes the other. In these case we leave the first login as-is nd mark the line in the report for the 2nd login as unchanged so the user can manually update if they want to.

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