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No "real" features since one year!


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New Features? Not in Enpass - since more than one year - not really a new Feature. There is do development. For what we are paying every month?

The last Release yesterday after more than 3 months - and nothing is new! What are you doing the hole day?

What is with the tons of features-request? For example my request - 2 years ago:

Please make it possible to use face-id and (a short) PIN at the same time. This will massive improve the security, because nobody could hold you the phone to your face to get access to all your secrets.

Take a look to the Release Notes of the last year:  Most of the  "new" things as SSL-Pinning or adapting Enpass for Apple Silicon is just maintenance. The focus of the Enpass-Team is now on business users - the "premium" private user has to pay and gets nothing.

Don't waste your money. Don't buy this app. >:(

Look for yourself:

Enpass Release Notes for macOS (Store version)

Version 6.8.5
Release Date Feb 15, 2023
What's New:
- nothing

Version 6.8.4
Release Date Oct 31, 2022
What’s New:
Added SSL certificate pinning for stronger security when communicating with Enpass servers. 

Version 6.8.3
Release Date Sep 27, 2022
What’s New:
Built-in Password Generator now checks if a website has specific password requirements before generating password suggestions.
In compliance with new Apple requirements, Enpass for macOS now include in-app account-deletion option.
Enpass can now import new .1pux format from 1Password.
Enpass can now import CSV format from Myki.

Version 6.8.2
Release Date Jun 16, 2022
What’s New:
Enpass now runs natively on Apple Silicon.

Version 6.8.1
Release Date May 23, 2022
What’s New:
Enpass for businesses: If you’re in a business not using any password manager for team members and waited for any offline one, your wait is over! Enpass Business is here – keep your business sensitive data on your devices/cloud, set password policies, onboard users via SCIM supported Active Directory and there’s a lot more if you’re using Microsoft 365 Business. Checkout our website for more!
Automatic Compromised Password Checker: Password auditing has become more effective with added security. Compromised password checking is now automatic in Enpass and triggers whenever a new password is added or changed. Just enable it on from Audit > Compromised > Turn on.

Version 6.7.4
Release Date Nov 17, 2021
What’s New:
Autofill using inline popup: Experience the new Safari extension that supports autofill using the inline popup menu, which is enabled by default, and presents the logins, credit cards and identities right there on the loaded forms on the webpage. This update has been made for all supported browsers.
Freshly updated brand new Enpass icon.
Keyboard shortcuts: Additional options to set keyboard shortcuts in your browser extensions to lock, autofill, and activate Enpass. The existing shortcuts (if any) will be reset.

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Hi @Fabian1

I completely understand your point of view, and we are aware of the demand for many feature requests that we receive via forums and email. We are grateful for the feedback we receive from our users, and we keep track of every request. However, all new features undergo certain phases when they are implemented, such as feasibility tests, development, etc, and are only released after a rigorous testing process.

Having said that, we will definitely notify our users via our forum and release notes once a new feature is released. We appreciate your patience until then.

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Sorry, but I am waiting years for the simple possibility to use the pin-code and the face-id at the same time. Very useful, because nobody could unlock you vault just holding the phone to your face. 

The new "feature" is now, enpass on my mac is crashing all the time and I have several sync problems along. We will see, if they will find the bug in this year...

and here is your test-account (PM)

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