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Not filling Basic http Auth based on URL domain


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I have a couple of site that use basic browser http authentication.  I added items in the main Windows Enpass application (all on the same Windows laptop) that are for the domain.  However when that site is opened nothing is filled in the login fields.

For example I added https://localhost to Enpass

When I open https://localhost/MySite nothing is filled in the login fields.

This is in Chrome using the latest version of both the browser and the extension.

Anyone else run into this or have an idea of what to do?  I have the "Show Items with Exactly Matching Hostnames" unchecked.

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Hi @CptnAwesome

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

For troubleshooting purposes, please follow the below steps -

  1. Ensure that the latest version of Enpass is installed on your device and that the Enpass application is running in the background when using the browser extension. In addition, the “ Enable Extensions ” under the Browser settings of your Enpass application should also be enabled.
  2. Refer to this link and ensure that you have set up Enpass Extension correctly, especially the Autofill popup menu Setting.
  3. I would also suggest checking that you have the latest version of browser installed , re-configuring the extension, and reinstalling it from here.
  4. Try clearing the cache and cookies of the browser.
  5. Ensure that you have allowed access to Enpass in your Antivirus/Firewall/VPN settings. Also try disabling them to see if the issue persists.

If the issue persists, kindly share the below details with me -

  1. The exact version of the Enpass app, OS, Enpass Extension and browser you are using.
  2. The URL of the webpages on which you are facing this concern.
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