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I've tried setting the QT env vars mentioned in the thread above but they appear to have no effect.

The left category bar looks ok, although the counters are clipped inside their ovals. 

The list of logins looks awful.  The title and sub-title are too large and both overflow each other in the middle, either because the font size is too large or because the line height is too small.  The icon on is appropriately sized for the line height.

The right hand detail panel looks pretty good. Only minor detail is the button icons and check box image is too small.

I'm running Enpass 5.6.5 in Ubuntu 16.04 on a Dell XPS 13.  I obviously can't provide screen shots without giving away confidential info, although I can try to mock something up if it would help.


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On 18.04, enpass 5.6.8 (but for several versions back from here too) I've been doing this:

In /opt/Enpass/bin/runenpass.sh I added the line:


above the exec line at the end. I have to do this after each time enpass receives an update. Note the 1 instead of zero. These days we *want* it to do it automatically.

This at least means that enpass starts up with the right scaling. However, it takes no notice of when the gnome desktop scaling factor changes (such as when I dock my laptop and want to go from 300% scaling on my laptop's own screen to 200% scaling on the external monitor. It stays stuck on the scaling factor it started with, and has to be restarted. If you don't have cause to change your scaling factor during a session, that's not a problem for you, and the above is essentially your solution.

This problem is shared by other qt apps. Dropbox and Nextcloud client do at least start up with the correct scaling factor without setting env vars like enpass, but they also get left behind by a scaling factor change. (In nextcloud-client's case, it gets the scaling wrong if it's auto-started on login, but I borrowed a fix from enpass in that case and set up an autostart delay.)


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BTW I just noticed Enpass (and Nextcloud FWIW) have the exact same issue on Windows - eg: if a 4K display that defaults to 150% is then set to 200%, Enpass and Nextcloud (QT apps both) again get left behind on the old scaling factor. So at least I guess we know us Linux users aren't being especially neglected in this regard :D OTOH I can see the Windows Store version of Enpass actually lets you specify its scale factor on a per-display basis in the Advanced tab of Preferences. That would be good in Linux too! :) Although of course in both places it's mitigation rather than a proper solution.

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