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Second user for Windows app ?


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Hi forum and Enpass-team,

I recently subscribed for the family plan of Enpass. My wife and I have a WEBDAV capable cloud space with separate user accounts. I installed the app on the mobiles of my wife and me and connected the vaults to our cloud space using different emails adresses and different cloud users.
Both mobiles now synchronise their entries into their own vault on the cloud drive. I installed the windows app on our win10 notebook and it works as well.

So far, so good :-)

But I find it much more comfortable to add new entries with the windows app, rather than in the mobile app. Thus I wanted to offer my wife the opportunity to maintain her vault as well on the notebook.
However, the windows app seems to be fixed assigned to my data. I couldn't manage to switch users or something like that to enable the access to the second vault of my wife.

Have you any advice for me how to proceed ?

Best wishes,

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Hi @WM_Germany

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

In this scenario, you can try any of the below approaches -

  1. Download the Enpass app from the Windows Store as well as from our official website. That way, you will have two separate instances of Enpass for you and your wife on your Windows device.
  2. Create a separate user for your wife on the Windows device and download the Enpass app.


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Hello Abhishek,

I tried both approaches with the following result :

Since I had already installed the website-app for me, I downloaded the second app from the Windows store. After the installation, the app opened and I was able to connect it with my wife's vault on the cloud space. Everything seemed to be fine until I closed the app.
Although the second instance showed up in the list of windows apps, I couldn't re-open this instance again. Every attempt to open it from one of the two desktop icons or from the start menu obviously always leads to the firstly installed website-app with my personal data.

At the end I gave up and added a second user for my wife in windows and installed the website-app using this login. Now everything is working as expected. To maintain my wife's vault, we have to log-in to our notebook with her account, but that's absolutely ok.

Thank you very much for your support !


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