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Issue on Enpass Extension with Thorium Browser

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I'm using the portable Thorium browser (Chromium based) with the latest version of the Enpass browser extension from google web store. The connection to the desktop app is working fine and I also can use the options from the Enpass main and context menu. But in the input fields I can't see the saved entries from Enpass. Here some screenshots from original chrome (where it is OK) and Thorium (where it is not) to show what I mean.

Chrome (OK)

Thorium (not OK)

I also opened an issue on GitHub for Thorium and the I got the hint, that Enpass could not be able to find the NativeMessagingHosts of the Thorium browser. Are there any ideas on Enpass side to get this working?

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Hi @Jankete

For troubleshooting purposes, please follow the below steps -

  1. Ensure that the latest version of Enpass is installed on your device and that the Enpass application is running in the background when using the browser extension. In addition, the “ Enable Extensions ” under the Browser settings of your Enpass application should also be enabled.
  2. I would also suggest checking that you have the latest version of browser installed , re-configuring the extension, and reinstalling it from here.
  3. Try clearing the cache and cookies of the browser.
  4. In case you are using an unsigned browser, you can also try unchecking ' Authorize browsers with code signature only option ' in Enpass app Settings → Browser → Browser Authentication.

If the issue persists, kindly share the below details and I will gladly get this checked for you -

  1. The version of the Enpass app, OS, Enpass Extension and browser you are using.
  2. Any Firewall/VPN service you are using.


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I went through the steps.

  1. I Use Enpass Portabel 6.6.1 (seems to be the latest)
  2. check -> doesn't help
  3. check -> doesn't help
  4. already set, and the extension itself is working from toolbar or context menu. Only in input fields it doesn't show up.

So let me answer the questions to go deeper.

  1. Enpass app: Portable 6.6.1
    OS: Win 11 64-bit 22H2
    Enpass Extension: 6.8.6 from Google store
    Browser: Thorium 115.0.5790.172 (latest)
  2. Nothing like that
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Hi @Jankete

Could you please confirm if you are running only the portable version or the Enpass Desktop version as well because the inline feature is not available with the portable build. Also, kindly share the screenshot of Enpass extension of chrome. To do so please follow these steps:

  • Right click on the extension → click on Settings and share the screenshot.
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