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iOS 17 Autofill/2FA


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Good morning, 

my setup:

  • iOS 17.0.1 on iPhone XR
  • Enpass 6.9.2
  • Vault sync via NextCloud
  • Autofill is on, single source for it is Enpass (see attached screenshot)

a) "Set up verification codes using:" does not include Enpass, despite being my first source for one-time passcodes. Yes - one could argue this if it's still 2FA if both password and token are supplied by the same source, but besides from this philosophical problem, I would just like to see Enpass listed there to set up 2FA with Enpass, rather than Keychain or Duo Mobile (which only makes real sense when their push notifications come into play - extra cool to confirm a login on the apple watch by just tapping "approve").

b) Autofill will just present entries from Keychain (which in my case are both outdated, no longer synced, but can't be removed - different story for the Apple support), but not my Enpass identities or credit cards. 

Besides this, Autofill of existing passwords works fine. Just the support for sign up processes are very limited (going back and forth and copy-paste various bits and pieces).

Are these known limitations, bugs (I admit, I never used Enpass on an older iOS version) resulting from the iOS 17 update or should I have put it under feature request?

best regards Stefan


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Hi @stkjj

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. Let me assist you with the points you have mentioned -

a) Two-factor authentication (2FA) enhances the security of your accounts by introducing an extra layer of protection. This typically involves receiving a one-time confirmation code on your phone or via email. However, for even greater security, you can opt for a more robust 2FA method that utilizes an authenticator app to generate single-use codes known as time-based one-time passwords (TOTP). Enpass offers this advanced authenticator capability as an integral feature. To discover how to generate TOTP codes within Enpass, please consult this link.

b) On iOS devices running iOS 12 and newer, Enpass seamlessly integrates with the AutoFill Passwords feature. Once you've granted Enpass the necessary permissions within your device's Settings, you'll notice that Password options appear either above the keyboard or in place of it whenever login fields are identified within an app or website. To explore more about autofill with Enpass in the iOS version of the app, kindly check this link.

If in case you are facing any issues while adding TOTP for any webpage or autofilling, do share the app name/URL of the webpage on which you are facing the concern and I will gladly get this checked for you!

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Good morning @Abhishek Dewan,

thanks for the links. For a) i understand that I have to open Enpass manually to create a 2FA entry? My hope was that having Enpass on the list of "Setup Verification codes" App-list would help to automize this. E.g. granting Enpass an access to screenshot 2FA QR-codes to speed up the process of creating the entries shown in the provided link.

The part b) Autofill seems to be misunderstood. As I mentioned: existing credentials are filled in seemlessly. But other than this, there's no access to identities or credit cards in Enpass which would be handy to fill out forms or setup new accounts on the web. All suggestions there in Autofill are provided by Apple's Keychain not by Enpass. This is a clear lack. 

best regards Stefan

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Hi @stkjj

Regarding point a), at the moment, OTP needs to be added in the Items separately via the secret key or by scanning the QR code (for mobile devices). However, I completely understand your point and have duly noted your suggestion for future improvements.

As for the point b), Enpass does support autofilling identities and credit cards. In case you are facing any issues, do share the requested information and I will gladly get this further investigated.


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Hi @Abhishek Dewan,

thanks for considering a). Regarding issue b) please see attached screenshots. What I was trying to do (and I figured out that it happens no matter if I do it on the mobile webpage or their app) was to add a new credit card to my booking.com account:

  1. tapping on the CreditCard field opens the menu with AutoFill
  2. chosing Password from there will
  3. just present the entries that can be found in my Apple Keychain
  4. the Apple Keychain entries

On the desktop the task is done as expected: chosing Enpass from the right-click menu instantly presents the possible credit card entries (No. 5).

I already de- and re-installed the app with no success.

Thanks for any advice
best regards Stefan 






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