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Cannot share to device running ios17 via airdrop


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Receiving an enpass item into a phone running ios16 works- the user is prompted to open the file in enpass and the item is added.

Receiving in ios17 results in no prompt and automatic saving to “Files”. 
there appears to be no way to open the saved  file in enpass. Trying to  “share” the saved file with enpass results in “invalid file”, or similar from enpass.

no issues sending from ios17 device to ios16 device.

is there a way to share individual logins via airdrop into iOS 17?

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Version 6.9.3(776).

I set up a phone that I had updated to iOS 17, reset, and with a new account yesterday and enpass was downloaded yesterday.

it appears Apple has changed how air drop works - see https://developer.apple.com/forums/thread/737971?page=1#767265022

However, even if one cannot avoid saving the file, opening it is the issue.

btw if you share via iMessage it still works.


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