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Passkeys stored in Enpass do not work yet for some sites

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Enpass-based passkey does not work yet on some sites while USB-based hardware keys always work.

Let me explain in details:

Previously I registered and stored passkeys in Enpass for both sites mentioned below.

When I first try to login on https://vercel.com via passkey I get the following prompt from Enpass browser extension:


This login success!

but when I try to login every next time then I get the following prompt:



This login fails with message "Login with Passkey failed. Please try again."
In browser console I get "400 Bad request" for "POST https://vercel.com/api/auth/webauthn/verify"

On the other hand Enpass passkey works fine every time on https://github.com but in that case I always get the following prompt asking for Windows Hello:


In case of github.com I never get this second prompt without Windows Hello.

I hope that will help in fixing this problem in Enpass.

Please let me know if I can help more in some debugging



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Sure, all the details below:

Enpass version:
6.9.3 (1592) - Microsoft Store version (the latest)

OS versions:
Windows 10 Pro 22H2 (with all updates applied)
Windows 11 Pro 23H2 (with all updates applied)

Browsers name & versions:
Google Chrome version 121.0.6167.140 (the latest)
Firefox version 122.0 (the latest)

Browser extension version:
6.9.3 (in both browsers)

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Ok, great. Please let me know if you need some more details - I'm a web programmer so I can provide you all the details about request/response between web browser and the given site regarding Web Authn flow. Good luck!

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