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How do I re-setup enpass?


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I have been using Enpass for a couple of years, on Ubuntu with Brave, yesterday I installed a Ubuntu update which I think included an update to Brave.

Today when I click on the key icon on the Brave toolbar instead of the prompt to login I get a message that Enpass requires setup, but no clue how to do this. I removed Brave extension and reinstalled it but no luck, still the same message.

How should I proceed to re-setup Enpass. My data is backed up to google drive and shared with my Android phone.

thanks for any help.

 PS Incidentally when trying to register for this forum I could not using Brave as I just got the message that I was a SpamBot??


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To troubleshoot this issue effectively, please follow these steps:

1. Reinstall the Enpass browser extension from the official Enpass website
2. Verify that you are not currently using any VPN connections, as they may interfere with the Enpass extension
3. Make sure that you have the latest version of Enpass installed on your PC and  running in the background
4. Double-check to see if there are any other versions of Enpass installed on your machine. If so, uninstall them to prevent conflicts.

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