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Firefox Extension writes over old password

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When adding/changing a password, most of the time it works fine.  But if I need to change the style or length of the new password to conform to a Sites passwords requirements, then I have a problem.  I can easily change the style or length of the password, and then Enpass enters the new password and verification into the web form.  But if the web form also contains my old password, then Enpass writes the new password into all 3 of the web fields (old, new, verification).  It should leave the old password alone, and only enter the new one.  It only has this problem, when I need to change the default password style or length.  If I do not change the password style or length, then it handles these 3 fields just fine, leaving the old password alone, and enter the new and verification password.

Is this a bug, or am I doing it wrong?

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To help us investigate the issue, please provide the following details: 

  1. Enpass version and the operating system version of your machine.
  2. The version of the Enpass browser extension you are using.
  3. The browser in which you are experiencing this issue.
  4. The URL where this issue is occurring.


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