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Firefox extension cripples performance by ~60%!

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On my daily work activities use Firefox for my web browsing.
I am using Enpass browser extension to facilitate password management.

Recently I have noticed that the browser performance was not as expected and thought my problem was just with some heavy websites.
After that I began testing on another installation on the same machine and noticed performance was normal and thought I had some issue with my old installation.
Began migrating bookmarks, extensions and when finished installing all extensions noticed a considerable slowdown.

After some testing found that with Enpass extension active, my Speedometer 2.0 score went down by ~60% (169 to 68.9). Ran the tests multiple times.
I have tested with other "heavy" websites, like some DataDog dashboars and AWS CloudWatch and the difference is very noticeable.

I am currently running Firefox 123.0.1, but this issue is not limited to this version.

For those interested, screenshots with Speedometer score and extension on/off are attached below!

Any help would be appreciated!

Captura de tela de 2024-03-13 13-38-08.png

Captura de tela de 2024-03-13 13-37-15.png

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