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Firefox extension: unknown browser

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Hi, in my 2 PC using firefox and the official Enpass extension in windows 11 (edge works fine) I get this message when I try to autofill with firefox extension, it started happening today, I have been using it without problems in these PC for months, until today, obviously I already configured the extension with the PIN code in order to use it.

There is a screenshot with the popup message attached, let me translate it for you:


Unkown browser

"firefox.exe" is trying to establish connection with a signed code not recognised by Enpass, Do you want to allow Enpass connection?



I am closing this popup everytime until I know what is happening, any clues?, does it happen anyone else?


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If you see the message "firefox.exe is trying to establish a connection with a signed code not recognized by Enpass," you should allow the connection.

Click on "Allow" to ensure Enpass can function correctly with Firefox. Alternatively, you can turn off Browser Signature Verification inside Enpass' settings.

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Posted (edited)

That feature have a purpose doesnt it? this have been enabled in my computers for a very long time without problems, I understand there are workarounds but what about fixes? or is this feature abandoned? Is enpass team able to reproduce the problem on their end?

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Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. I would like to share that recently, Firefox changed it's signing certificate which leads to the failure of code signature verification in Enpass. Our dev team is working on the fix and it will be available in the upcoming update. Meanwhile you can on click Allow button and continue.

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