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  1. Have you checked, if on all devices your timezone and current time is set correct? This problem mostly occurs, when time settings differ between devices.
  2. I would suppose you use a different service for that feature, as a password manager is not for storing large data.
  3. Wdym? Like OTP, that’s already a feature for a long time…
  4. Get yourself Enpass Portable. Sounds like it. Not wanting to put in a longer PW is no excuse. Deal with your family so they accept this or tell them you won't bother anymore. PasswordMonster and NordPass both do not state how they calculate their strenght. BitWarden does, same technique as Enpass but with words Enpass uses another method aswell. This would all be visible to you, if you read the link in the referred discussion here.
  5. While I can't really speak on that behalf, I can share my thoughts: 1. ~/Applications might not be a default location therefore the verification is invalid - most users I suppose install in /Applications. It also could be a browser related issue, have you tested it with another install in the same locations, how the behaviour is then? 2. Disabling the verification is something I know from my past Windows experience is also kinda common practice with certain drivers. So I don't see any bad issue, as you pro-actively have to accept the connection still. In my eyes the code verification is only to ensure for the common user, that the connection between Enpass and browser is more secure. Users with advanced linux / OS knowledge I assume can differentiate between whats good and whats bad, so disabling seems no issue for me here.
  6. Have you tried disabling verified code signature check in Enpass itself for its extensions?
  7. Yesterday was the Holifestival - a national holiday in India. So no surprise, noone is attending currently. Sad but true.
  8. That’s good. Have you compared both codes, Windows and iOS if they are the same? (Open both apps and have a look at the same time at both codes) if they are not, something is out of sync.
  9. Have you checked, that the time (zone) is correctly set?
  10. May be a stupid idea, but have you tried to disable the PIN entirely, let Enpass lock itself and the re-enable the PIN?
  11. Open "Settings" navigate to "Customization", click on "Categories" and add your new categorie. Then under "Edit" you can select which shall be shown.
  12. Seems like @Amandeep Kumar is not really suited to give support - such a shame the last guy was more capable…
  13. You could maybe setup a local webDAV Server and sync to it.
  14. While I do not understand what you are trying to imply let me clarify neither do I work for Enpass nor is my answer always right, I just quoted the official DL page.
  15. All official releases are listed here aswell as how to obtain them: https://support.enpass.io/app/getting_started/installing_enpass.htm
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