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  1. newest FF version is 117.0.1 for Ubuntu, maybe update and check again. Works for me in a fresh VM
  2. This sounds like you tried to create a new vault in the same cloud location instead of opening and reusing your old vault. In the setup process try to restore / recover from cloud instead of saying, that you're a new user. Refer to here: https://support.enpass.io/app/setup/restoring_your_existing_enpass_data.htm Or try adding your old vault according to this: https://support.enpass.io/app/vault/adding_an_existing_vault_in_enpass.htm
  3. Click on the puzzle icon, it shows all installed extensions.
  4. Have you checked, if you can find the attachement in the FireFox extensions button? Otherwise try and configure your symbol area and search if the extension is listed there.
  5. When you setup local sync over WiFi the vault gets copied onto your other device. You don't need to manually copy those vault data, it could also cause some problems with keeping your items in sync. So just activate Sync over WiFi, your workstation will act as "main server", distributing and combining all vaults together, as soon as it is online and the laptop aswell.
  6. I suppose not, as both URLs are basically the same. There is no differenciation after TLD. You should try add the native URLs into each entry and see if it works, otherwise I do not know what would work
  7. You can manually set, when Enpass will lock itself. Depending on the device you're using, settings are found at different places, most likely located under "Security" and then "Lock after". Windows: iOS:
  8. I just experienced it yesterday, that the OTP code was in my cache, and I could just paste it directly after Enpass outfilled my credentials. CTRL+V -> added OTP
  9. Any update on this part? It's been a while and is still not working.
  10. This is due to the nature of the file's internal phrasing. Every manager has different options on how the export and import. You would either have to manually edit the .csv or .json to fit it to the format of your destination OR tell the destination the correct definition of your .csv/.json file.
  11. Then I must have misread your comment, I thought you were talking about relocating all the vaults without merging them into one big vault.
  12. The thing is, you cannot store them under one cloud account. You have to use different clouds for each vault. Only WebDAV allows for same-cloud sync
  13. You can choose wherever you want to sync all your vaults to. Every vault can be integrated into your one account and each can also have an individual place to be synced to. Eg. I use 2 diffent vaults for work and private, with different locations where they are synced to (private cloud drive and work cloud drive) So you can create a new vault to a sync location of your choice. First you need to create a backup file of your current vault: 1. Settings -> Vaults -> Vault you want to backup. 2. 3 dots on top -> Backup -> Save to location of your choice. Now you create a new vault and choose "Restore a vault from" -> "Backup File". Choose backup form before and done. Hope this helps.
  14. From what I see on my Enpass it's all dependend on the categories you put your entries into. Then at the "Category" part you have 3 dots where you can choose which to show.
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