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Microsoft OneDrive permissions

Joe K

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I have been a user of Enpass since the Windows Phone days. Purchased a licence back then and used to sync to my OneDrive. After being forced to move to Android, I again purchased an Android licence to have my passwords synced between my PC and my Android device.

I recently noticed while setting the app up on a new phone that the permissions requested to access OneDrive seem to have increased since the last time I went though the exercise.

Enpass needs your permission to:
1. Sign in automatically
Signing in with your Microsoft account will automatically sign you in to this app.
2. Access your info anytime
Enpass will be able to see and update your info, even when you're not using this app.
3. Work with its own folder in OneDrive
Enpass will be able to open and edit files in the "Apps/Enpass" folder.
4. Access OneDrive files
Enpass will be able to open and edit OneDrive files, including files shared with you.

Before posting here, I came across this forum topic dating back to 2017 where another user had exactly this problem, and was assured that it would be taken care of soon. Looks like a year and a half later, the problem still exists.


Like Steffan said, Enpass should not need anything except the third permission in the list above. Letting Enpass, or any other app for that matter, have the ability to see and update my Microsoft account info anytime, and have access to all my OneDrive folders, is not something I am comfortable with.

Do you guys have a time line for having this problem resolved?




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I recently started looking for “password manager” software.

I decided to check ENDPASS software and uploaded it on my laptop and on my Android phone, still for testing.

During the tests that I did, I entered the "https://microsoft.com/consent" link and to my surprise I found that this software allows itself far more than expected.

I decided to do a search on this topic on the ENPASS forum website, and to my surprise it turned out that the topic was raised on the forum two years ago and these unnecessary permissions were not removed.

I am very surprised that a company that is supposed to maintain especially well, information about my most confidential information has not solved this problem for two years. I also saw the answer given, and it is far from satisfactory.

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What does it allow itself?

I am and have been using this app for some time on Mac and iPhone/iPad.  It syncs vie iCloud, giving accessibility rights in privacy settings allows it to access it's own folder in iCloud.  What is wrong with that?

I also used to sync via OneDrive back when I had an Android phone but security measures at Microsoft now require more permissions. 

On the Mac the rather poorly worded notification pops up saying, "Enpass would like permission to control this computer".  This puts any number of people on the defensive as you can imagine.  It is however standard behavior and other things that require this permission are Google Chrome, Google Updater, Dropbox and so on.  Without this access to system file much of the functionality of the app would be lost.

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