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Can't setup Enpass in new computer

Dave 003

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Hello everyone, first topic here. Sorry if it is in wrong place.

My problem is that I bought a new computer and I can not perform the Enpass sync setup with Google Drive. What happened was as follows:

1 - At the first installation everything went fine in the Enpass configuration, but I could not get it to work with Chrome.

2 - After many attempts to configure the extension I decided to uninstall everything and reinstall everything again (remembering it is a new computer).

3 - I could not perform the software configuration, it was locked on the screen of the attached image.

4 - I uninstalled everything, deleted the Enpass folders from the computer, cleaned the Windows Registry with CCleaner and tried an installation again.

5 - In the configuration screen of the Enpass (the image attached) the software is waiting to load the screen of the Drive. It shows nothing, even after a long time. But the loader animation indicates that the software did not crash, and I can click back to try other options.

6 - Even if I switch to the Windows Store version or the downloaded version of the website the behavior is the same. All this occurs in the same way.

7 - I believe there is a problem with the plug-in that loads the login pages since it does not display any information for Google Drive, One Drive, Box, etc.


Thank you for any help you can provide.


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Guest Vikram Dabas

Hi @Dave 003

Sorry for the unpleasant experience. I would like to let you know Enpass extension communicate to Enpass over localhost address. One of the possible reason might be that you are using Proxy settings for local addresses.To resolve the issue please follow the steps given below:  

Go to System Preferences ➝ Network ➝ Ethernet/ WiFi/ Other Network ➝ Advance ➝  Proxies ➝ Web Proxy (HTTP) and in the Bypass proxy settings for local Host & Domains box.

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