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Enpass 5.x Not Working on Preview 18214


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I have installed the Skip Ahead Insider Preview 18216, and am trying Enpass 5.6.19. The app works fine, but the Edge Extension fails. It see a Background Task Host process start under Enpass Password Manager, but it suspends a few seconds after starting and then disappears shortly thereafter. I see that on 1803 it remains active. It appears the something is interfering with the process. It gives the same behavior seen sometimes on the current 1803 build by some users (a friend reported it to me). I know that this is probably not supported on the 19H1 Preview builds but I wanted to report it for clarity and possible troubleshooting. Thanks.

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Well, we are at build 18312 and the Password Manager app is not working, nor is the Edge Extension. I am not worried about the Edge extension because it's future is limited with the announced change for Edge to replace EdgeHTML with Chromium. So I assume the Chromium extension will work when it arrives. But the Password Manager app not working is more of a concern. It throws an error "LoadLibrary failed with error 1114: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed." This has been going on for weeks now on these 19H1 builds. I am suspecting it is something missing from the build, and not directly part of the Enpass application. However, we are getting closer and closer to the release, and it is not working. My concern is growing.

However, it is somewhat reassuring that other important apps are also not working, so it is not just Enpass.


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