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Enpass does not have a Print function.
But it's possible to export as CSV or Text format.
But it's only possible to export all the data of all the items ... including the password as visible text!

Exporting all items as text or CSV is a good thing as an exchange / backup solution. But ...

Why I want to print? 
Because printed documents survive to a HD crash/cloud hacking and a document printed in a safe is still a good thing for security.

Why do I want to export / print data without a password? 
Because, sometimes (administrative tasks), I only need the other data.
And because I use Enpass to safely manage and hide my passwords...

Why do I want to export one or more items? 
because if I update only one item, I don't need the other 200... 
ok I can import the CSV file into a spreadsheet and delete the 199 records ... 
But it's easier to select only the items I need to export / print.
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Hello @SecurepointIsAwesome,

The feature of printing/exporting only selected items is already available in the Enpass. So let me quickly share with you the steps to print/export data:

  1. Printing selected items: Printing only selected items is possible via, select preferred items(Ctrl+left click) -> Hamburger menu (Next to settings on the top right corner) -> File -> Print -> Selected items -> Print. image.thumb.png.1bc97773b095a1913f96c90d0afde0b0.png
  2. Exporting selected items: Exporting only selected items is also possible. For that, please create a new vault -> Now choose your preferred items -> Move them to the new vault -> Hamburger menu (Next to settings on the top right corner) -> File -> Export -> Select vault and its export file type -> Export.
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