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Password rules and better password generation

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I like to change my passwords regularly. One of the problems I find is that some websites have very different rules for the passwords. Including length, special characters to exclude, character class to include etc... Some websites require special chars but don't like certain characters like <>& for some reason. There is no way to specify complex password rules in enpass at the moment.

Can you guys add the following features into the product

  1. Support for extended ascii chars like √˚∂å etc... for stronger passwords.
  2. Allow users to create and save password rules
    1. Rule to include character class or specific characters
    2. Rule to exclude character class or specific characters
    3. Rule to set the password length range
  3. Allow password field to be associated with created rules in each login entry
  4. Add a way to generate passwords with above rules on the login entry itself

E.g. max password length: 32, min password length: 12, exclude: (<>&) Include: One capital(A-Z), One lowercase (a-z), 3 special characters (?%$#@*",'), one ASCII character (È√ø∂)

If you can allow me to save the password rules for a particular login entry, and the generate button picks up the rule automatically it would be amazing.

Edit: I just tried the Beta version of Enpass for the first time and noticed that some of my requests have been addressed already. Great job on staying on top of things guys. This is why I recommend you to all my friends and coworkers. I scratched out the features you guys put in beta. Can't wait for it to be put on the stable branch.

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