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Hey @moonriver

Thanks for writing in.

17 minutes ago, moonriver said:

After importing my data from Enpass 5 to Enpass 6 I noticed my password history seems to be missing. 

Enpass 6 does not import it?

Please let me know the OS and Enpass version you are using so that we can look into it.

17 minutes ago, moonriver said:

An option to search the archives would be useful.


I would like to share that in order to search the archived items first, you need to select the Archived folder.


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Hey @moonriver,

Thanks for writing back.

13 hours ago, moonriver said:

 have you heard back from the developers in reference to the missing PW history?


This issue has been fixed and you will get it in the next update. I would like to have your feedback after the update.

13 hours ago, moonriver said:

 Furthermore, I can not right-click in Enpass 6, so it's not possible to copy or paste in any field.


It's a known issue and fixed will be available in the subsequent update.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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I found the password history in the desktop app… it's a 'right click' on the "show password" eye. This brings up a context menu where - if there is a password history - the option "history" will show up. 

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