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HELP! I get "password incorrect" with latest beta! So I'm locked out! >:(


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What on earth went wrong with Enpass 6 beta lately??? (version Can't put in my master password, says it's wrong... O.o
By the way, we're talking a fresh install of latest Win32 beta here on a laptop I have to use since my main is in repairs...

My android install works fine with this password. HELP!!!

Screenshot (127).png

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9 hours ago, Meister said:

Did you previously have Enpass 5 installed on that machine with a different password?

That’s the one you should enter there, since installing the new beta automatically migrates Enpass 5 data.

Yes, I did have Enpass5 installed, but the password never changed, so that can't be it...

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20 minutes ago, Meister said:

Have you tried reinstalling the old Enpass 5, making a backup, and importing that into Enpass 6?

Thanks for helping me think in the right direction... :)  I found a folder \Enpass sitting in \My Documents with wallets inside that had been last accessed in 2016. Enpass 6 must have defaulted to that folder, causing the problem...

Deleted the complete folder, and was able to setup Enpass 6 like normal, connecting to Onedrive
Thanks again for thinking with me!

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