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Robin Cais

enpass v6 auto fill

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I'm using the store version of enpass v6 (6.0.0(197)) on a windows 10 1803 PC. For some reason, auto fill does not work very well. Here is the problem:


If I use enpass assistant to try to filling login information using an entry that does not have any website/url field, the web page won't get filled at all. This problem exists for both firefox and chrome. For example, suppose I create an entry called amazon, and put my amazon username and password with the entry, then I open amazon's login page using chrome, and use ctrl+/ to get enpass assistant show up, and choose amazon (the entry), then nothing will happen. In enpass v5, the login page will get filled in with my username and password. In addition, if I go to the entry and add amazon.com as URL/website, then the login page will get filled out. 



I'm not sure if this is some sort of bug or it is suppose to be a feature of enpass v6.

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